Decrease technical debt with help of CodeMetrics

Hi, By doing my daily work, I try my best, so that code which I produce is of the highest quality. It is important that it could be easily tested and managed. However, it must be borne in mind that the projects we do at work are not individual tasks,... [Read More]

Expecto and RegexTypeProvider in action

Hi, some time ago I had a task at work to give developer ability to define some dependencies between data send by user (selected filters on site or something) and the configuration of data displayed on page (maps, charts etc.) Because I work in C # on a daily basis.... [Read More]

Creating a fully functional F# microservice (Quartz.Net, Net.Mail)

Welcome back, In previous posts we learned how to create a project in Nancy F#. How to configure Fsharp.Configuration, SqlTypeProvider and how to use the Azure Api A. As you probably remember mikroservie had in his intention to send periodically e-mails with information about what new evaluations appeared and how... [Read More]

Creating a fully functional F# microservice (Azure, FSharp.Configuration)

Welcome back, in the previous post I described the setting of Nancy and SqlTypeProvider in the project. Whole application was designed to periodically send information with incoming customer evaluations about products presented to them as well as evaluating their (evaluations) sentiment. At this time we have finished downloading data. In... [Read More]