Subject attribute in Machine.Specifications, how to categorize Your tests?

Hi! In today’s post I want to say something about tagging/categorizing tests. Which, depends frameworks where it is implemented in different ways. I want to focus on tagging tests using Machine.Specifications (through the Subject attribute) and Mspec.Runner as a test runner. As a continous integration system I use TeamCity. So... [Read More]

FsReveal as a substitute for PowerPoint

Hey, I suppose that you sometimes have to make a presentation. What do you do? You fires PowerPoint and begin to “write”. While You are “writing” I guess You often complain about it for example that text suddenly begins to overlap with the pictures and so on. In short all... [Read More]

How to configure Your open source project on github with FAKE

Hey, We often create/contribute to the open-source projects. There comes a time that we want to boast our project, or to “give” project to a “community”, to help us in its implementation. In further improving and developing it. What to do in such a case? Where to make the project... [Read More]