Testing GraphQL queries with FsCheck library

Hi, some time ago I had a pleasure to join a project which uses a GraphQL library. GraphQL essentially allows users to define queries from a front-end to gather concrete data. So as it looks it is completely different than a standard REST endpoint. GraphQL differs queries which only gather... [Read More]

Running tests via Resharper after migration to a new project file format

Hey, some time ago I converted project files to a new format what causes some problems in tests projects. For unit tests we use Machine.Specifications. For running specs we use Resharper, so the only external dependencies in tests are Machine.Specifications and Rhino.Mocks. As I already mention, there are some problems.... [Read More]

Visual Studio 15.6.0 vs .net like projects

Hey, at the beginning of this week, new Visual Studio 15.6.0 appeared. I decided to update my version to the newest one, because what possibly could go wrong? Has Microsoft ever released a version of Visual Studio that did not work ;)? Well, while the last dozen of updates did... [Read More]