AppInsights logging full requests with hidding sensitive data

In our application, daily, we are using Application Insights to report all requests to and from us so we could monitor the actual status of a system. Thanks to that we are sure that our clients wouldn’t experience unpleasantness because of not working or slowly working application. To look at... [Read More]

Batching Events via BatcherBlock

Hi, as a response to some situations in our systems, we want to send real-time notifications to users. Because of that, we are using an library. But as long as the application grows we encounter a problem. Because our application starts working slowly, consume more resources which means it... [Read More]

Serialization of F# UnionType

Hi, last time I decided to rewrite one of the services from C# to F#. One of the problems was to keep the integrity in terms of contract generated via this project. Previously the contract contains an enum field which I decided to represent as a union type in F#.... [Read More]

GraphQL error propagation

Hi, today I want to focus on available options to an error propagation while executing customers query. The GraphQL response mainly contains two sections, data, and errors. { data: {}, errors: {} } Inside of the data, we could find a data for which we were asking aside in the... [Read More]