Batching Events via BatcherBlock

Hi, as a response to some situations in our systems, we want to send real-time notifications to users. Because of that, we are using an library. But as long as the application grows we encounter a problem. Because our application starts working slowly, consume more resources which means it... [Read More]

Serialization of F# UnionType

Hi, last time I decided to rewrite one of the services from C# to F#. One of the problems was to keep the integrity in terms of contract generated via this project. Previously the contract contains an enum field which I decided to represent as a union type in F#.... [Read More]

GraphQL error propagation

Hi, today I want to focus on available options to an error propagation while executing customers query. The GraphQL response mainly contains two sections, data, and errors. { data: {}, errors: {} } Inside of the data, we could find a data for which we were asking aside in the... [Read More]

Rider case sensitiveness

Hi, a couple of days ago I started (in fact I come back) using a Rider IDE when developing C# based project. I came to a weird situation when trying to run unit and integration tests, cause Rider to start them, but it couldn’t discover tests in one project. It... [Read More]